Baby Ollie's Invisible Teddy Bear
by Janet Clements on September 30th, 2016

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Everyone was woken up very early, wondering what Ollie was laughing at so much when there wasn’t anything to be seen. Why was Ollie giggling so much?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

​Baby Ollie’s Invisible Teddy Bear

'Good morning little Ollie Pops,' said Santa, as he walked into Ollie’s nursery to see what all the noise was about.

Ollie had woken up very early and was sitting in his cot laughing so loud, that he had woken everyone up.

'So Ollie Pops,' said Santa yawning away to himself still half asleep. 'What have you found so funny at this time of the morning?’

Ollie Pops was snuggled all cosy under his teddy bear blanket. Santa watched, every time Ollie peeped under the blanket, Ollie went into fits of laughter.

'What’s under your blanket?’ asked an amused Santa. 'Whatever it is, it’s making you very happy.'
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As Ollie continued to peep under his blanket, he would roll onto his back kicking his little lags in the air with laughter.

'What’s all this giggling in here?’ asked Mama as she walked into the nursery. 'You’re a very happy little elf this morning Ollie Pops, but very noisy.'

Santa looked at Mama shrugging his shoulders, not knowing what was making Ollie laugh so much.

'What do you think is under there Mama?' asked Santa. ‘Shall we take a look?’
Image 02 Mama
As Santa and Mama peeped under Ollie's blanket, there was nothing to be seen, only his two little stripy bed socks that he had kicked off in the night.

'Well that’s very strange...' said a puzzled Santa, 'there’s nothing under there. Maybe his socks are making him laugh?'

Ollie sat up and peeped under the blanket once again. Straight away Ollie went into fits of laughter, looking at Santa and Mama and pointing under his blanket.

As Santa and Mama peeped under his blanket, once again there was still nothing to be seen.

Hiding under his blanket was Ollie’s special little friend. His name was Ted and he was the cutest, fluffiest, teddy bear. He had been playing peek a boo with Ollie and pulling lots of funny faces, making Ollie laugh.

Ted was a very special and magical teddy bear to Ollie, as they had known each other since Ollie had been born.

'Ted,' said Ollie. 'You are my best friend in the whole world.'
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'Well that’s good!' said Ted laughing. 'Without you Ollie Pops, no one would know who I am, as I am invisible and no one can see me.'

'Oh you are so funny,' said Ollie. With that, Ollie and Ted went into fits of laughing once again.

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