The Elves Christmas Capsule
by Janet Clements on November 25th, 2016

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We’ve got some new announcements for you this week: Ollie the Elf and Santa Claus are available as stickers in the iMessage App Store! Pull funny faces with Ollie, and show of Santa’s different sides with our two new apps! Find them here:

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And if that’s not enough for you, read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

The Elves Christmas Capsule

The weeks leading up to Christmas were always very busy, and Santa would always be grateful for any extra help.

'Wake up! Wake up!' shouted Emilie, running across Ollie’s bedroom and jumping straight onto his bed.
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'What? What?' said a half a sleep Ollie, sitting upright from his sleep. ‘What’s happening?' as he peered around his room all confused, wondering what was happening.

'Oh you are funny, it’s me, Emilie!' Emilie laughed, as she was shaking him, trying to wake him up.

'You girls can be so annoying...' said a sleepy Ollie, as he was trying to lay down and go back to sleep.

‘Oh no you don’t,' said Emilie pulling Ollie's covers off him. ‘We have a very busy day ahead of us and we have to prepare, for all our friends coming from all over the North Pole.'

Ollie’s eye’s opened wide, as he remembered that all his friends were coming to see him. Within a minute he was washed, dressed and running down the stairs to eat his breakfast.

‘This has to be the most exciting day,' said Ollie, eating his breakfast in big spoonfuls.
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‘Hurry up Emilie and eat your breakfast,' said Ollie. 'We need to run over the workshop and be there before all our friends arrive!'

Every year just before the big rush for Christmas, Santa’s elves would gather from all over the North Pole and come together to give Santa a helping hand.

'Come on Emilie, run faster!' shouted Ollie, as they ran over to the workshop. All of a sudden a layer of magical stardust, had sprinkled over the two of them.

'We’re flying!' giggled Emilie, as they joined hands and flew through the magical stardust. 'Everything is so sparkly and magical up here, make a wish Ollie and your dreams will come true.'

All of sudden, Ollie and Emilie came down with a big bump and found themselves strapped and sitting in the Christmas capsule, that was flying towards Santa’s workshop.

'Hi Ollie and Emilie,' said a choir of voices from the capsule. ‘We saw you running and thought we would pick you up, and bring you on board.’

As Ollie and Emilie turned around, the magical capsule was full of all their friends from around the North Pole.

'Oh this is so exciting,' said Emilie peeking out of the window. 'Santa’s going to be so excited to see you all.'

‘Look!' said Ollie pointing towards the workshop. 'Santa has opened the secret doors, ready for us to land. Would you like me to land the Christmas capsule? I know I can do it.'

'Oh Ollie, that would be just perfect,' said all his friends.
Rudolph And Snowy Image 03
On top of the workshop roof, were two very large secret doors, that opened up towards the midnight sky. As the doors opened up, magical stardust burst into the sky, making a pathway for the Christmas capsule to land.

'Oh this is so magical,' said Emilie as they flew through the stardust and into the workshop.

As the capsule landed, a big puff of stardust pulled the doors closed, and out stepped Ollie and Emilie leading out the army of Santa’s helpers behind them, ready to get started.
The End
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