by Janet Clements on September 2nd, 2016

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Emilie has been treated to a brand new doll’s pram for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She’s been searching around trying to find someone to play with her. Will she be able to find anyone?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

Emilie's New Pram

‘Would anyone like to play with me today?’ asked Emilie, as she skipped through the workshop, playing with her new doll’s pram.

For Christmas, Santa and Mama had treated Emilie, to the most beautiful dolls pram that she had ever seen.

‘What about you Ollie Pops?’ asked Emilie, as he was trying to crawl under the workbench to hide from her. ‘Would you like to play with me? I hope you’re not trying to hide from me under there.’

‘If I must Emilie,’ said Ollie Pops, crawling out.
‘Oh Ollie Pops, you are the cutest little baby elf ever!’ said Emilie as she tucked Ollie under the blanket in the pram. ‘This is going to be the best day ever.’

As Emilie ran down the workshop, the beautiful wooden doors opened wide up. Outside you could see the beautiful sky, filled with the fluffiest pink and blue clouds.

‘Uh oh! Hold on tight Ollie, I can’t stop!’ shouted Emilie. ‘The pram is going to fast! Help!’

As Ollie peered over the pram, the pram wheels were spinning, and creating the most beautiful colours.

‘Oh Ollie! Hold on! Help!’ screamed Emilie.
As the magical pram reached the open wooden doors, the wheels lifted up and flew Ollie and Emilie off, high into the sky.

‘We’re flying! We’re flying!’ giggled Emilie. ‘How exciting is this Ollie Pops?’

As the pram flew higher and higher, Emilie and Ollie watched, as the fluffy pink and blue clouds, glided them through the magical sky.

‘Yum yum,’ said Emilie, as she nibbled away at the yummy clouds. ‘This taste’s just like candyfloss Ollie, you should try some.’

As Ollie reached out of the pram for the yummy candyfloss, the pram tipped over, throwing Ollie out into the sky.

‘Ollieeeeeeee!’ shouted Emilie, as Ollie was falling fast.

All of a sudden the fluffy clouds surrounded Ollie, making a bed of fluffy candyfloss for him to fall into.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You gave me a freight then, but I see you landed in the candyfloss.’

Ollie was having the best time ever, munching away on the blue and pink candyfloss.
‘Oh Ollie, you are so funny,’ laughed Emile.

The next time Emilie looked over, she saw that Ollie had snuggled himself into the fluffiest candyfloss cloud and had fallen fast asleep.

‘Sweet dreams Ollie Pops.’ said Emilie.
The End
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by Janet Clements on August 26th, 2016

Title Image Ollie

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Ollie has had a very busy day playing with his toys, he hasn’t stopped crawling all day. He’s been so busy playing that he didn’t even notice it was nearly bedtime. Once Ollie gets all snuggled up in bed, he realizes that he’s lost his Blankie. Will Mama be able to find it for him?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

​Baby Ollie’s Lost Blankie

Little baby Ollie Pops, had a very busy day up in the workshop. He had been crawling around all day and getting up to lots of baby mischief.

‘It’s nearly your bedtime Ollie,’ said Mama Claus. ‘Can you start getting all your toys together?’

‘Okay Mama,’ said Ollie Pops.
Image 01 Mama
Going to bedtime for Ollie, was like packing to go on holiday. He would always want to take everything to bed with him.

‘Have you got enough there Ollie?’ laughed Mama, as she walked over to pick him up.

She could barely see Ollie, amongst all his toys and teddies that he was taking to bed with him.
As Mama struggled to Ollie’s bedroom, she was weighed down with all of Ollie’s teddies, cars and toys that he insisted had to come to bed with him.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ said Mama, as she tucked him into bed, and gave him a goodnight kiss. ‘I can just about see you, in between all of those toys.’

‘Have you got my blankie Mama?’ asked a sleepy little Ollie Pops, popping his head out from under the covers.

‘Didn’t you bring it to bed with you?’ asked Mama. ‘You’re never without your special blankie.’

‘I need my blankie Mama,’ said Ollie Pops, pulling himself up with the cot bars. ‘I won’t sleep without it!’

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ giggled Mama. ‘Shall we go and find it?’
Image 02 Mama
Mama picked Ollie Pops up and they went to look for Ollie’s little blankie.

‘Do you know where you left it?’ asked Mama.

‘No...’ said a tired Ollie snuggling into Mama and sucking his little thumb. ‘It could be anywhere.’

Mama and Ollie looked everywhere, but Ollie’s little blankie was nowhere to be seen. It seemed the little blankie had vanished into thin air.

‘We’re never going to find it!’ said Ollie sadly. ‘I am so tired.’

Mama laid Ollie on the sofa and told him to stay there, while she went to look for the blankie.

Mama searched and searched. She first looked in the bakery. She looked under all of the pots and pans, but she didn’t find the blankie. She even looked in the cookie jar, but it wasn’t in there either.

Next, she checked the workshop. She looked under every table, and in every draw, but still, the blankie didn’t want to be found.

‘I wonder where Ollie could of left it?’ wondered Mama. ‘It can’t be too far, he hasn’t been out today.’
Image 03 Mama
Mama continued looking everywhere for Ollie’s blankie.

After Mama had checked everywhere she could think of, she thought ‘Ollie is very quiet, I’d better go check on him and make sure he’s okay.’

As Mama entered the living room, little Ollie Pops had fallen fast asleep, with his little bottom hanging off the edge of the sofa.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ laughed Mama to herself.

Hanging out of Ollie’s red and white striped pyjama pocket, on his bottom, was his little blankie. Ollie’s blankie, had been in his pocket all this time.
The End
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by Janet Clements on August 19th, 2016

Baby Rudolph

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Baby Rudolph is about to have his first flying lesson with Santa today, but he’s a little nervous. He’s never flown before, and he’s not sure he’ll be able to get off the ground. Baby Ollie Pops comes along for support, and to help Rudolph if he gets stuck. Will Rudolph be able to fly today?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

​Baby Rudolph’s Magical Hoof

When Rudolph was first born, he was the most adorable little calf, that anyone had ever seen. His little body was full of extra soft hair and he had the cutest little ears and baby antlers.

‘Are you ready for your first flying lesson Rudolph?’ asked Ollie Pops. ‘I think you’ll be good at it!’

‘I think so...’ said Rudolph, ‘but I’m a little nervous.’

That morning, Santa had arranged to meet Rudolph up on the mountains, to give him his very first flying lesson.

‘There you are, young Rudolph,’ said Santa. ‘Aww, we also have Ollie Pops up here as well. This is going to be lots of fun.’

‘Can I sit on Rudolph’s back, Santa? asked Ollie Pops, trying to pull his little baby body up onto Rudolph.
Baby Ollie Pops Image
‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa laughing. ‘You are the cutest baby elf, but I think you’ll want to stay on the ground while Rudolph is practising. Let’s begin,’ said Santa. ‘Are you ready Rudolph?’

Rudolph placed himself in position, with his little right hoof out in front.

‘On the count of three,’ said Santa, ‘you run as fast as you can and take off, flying into the sky. Ready? One... Two... Three!’

Rudolph started to run, as fast as his little hoofs would take him.

‘Take off! Take off now!’ shouted Santa, but Rudolph’s little legs just parted and he came to a sudden halt, with his little nose buried deep in the snow.

Ollie Pops started laughing so much, he tipped over on his side. ‘‘Your nose looks like a big snowball Rudolph.’

Rudolph wasn’t amused and shook his head, to shake all the snow from his nose.

‘It’s snowing! It’s snowing!’ shouted Ollie Pops, as the snow fell all around him.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa smirking. ‘It’s just Rudolph shaking the snow off his nose. Come on Rudolph, you can do it. Shall we try again?’

Rudolph went back to the start line and placed his little right hoof, in front of him once again.

‘Okay,’ said Santa, ‘on the count of three, we’ll try again. One... Two... Three!’
Santa Claus Image 01
Rudolph didn’t move an inch, he was still standing firmly in the snow.

‘You’re supposed to run Rudolph!’ said Ollie Pops.

‘What’s up Rudolph?’ asked Santa concerned. ‘Why aren’t you running?’

All of a sudden, Rudolph’s little hoof started to move. It made three stomps in the snow, and Rudolph took off, high into the sky.

‘There you go!’’ shouted an excited Ollie Pops.

‘You’re flying, you’ve done it!’ shouted an excited Santa from the ground. ‘Don’t forget to come back down when you’re ready.’
Santa Claus Image 02
Rudolph loved that he could fly and came back down to collect Ollie. Santa sat Ollie Pops on Rudolph’s back and Ollie held on very tight.

‘I don’t think you have to count to three anymore,’ said Rudolph. ‘All I have to do is stomp my magic hoof three times, and away I fly.’

‘Can we go now?’ asked Ollie Pops all excited, holding on for his special ride.

As Rudolph stomped his magical little hoof three times, he and Ollie were whisked away, to the twinkling stars, to fly all over the sky.
The End Image
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Is it snowing where you live? It is here in the North Pole! In fact, it’s always snowing in the North Pole… Which makes it the perfect place to build a village of snowmen! Why don’t you pop down here and give Ollie a hand building a new snowman? He’d love some help with the big snowballs! Download Santa Fun & Games Workshop to give him a hand!

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by Janet Clements on August 12th, 2016

Baby Ollie

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​Have you got yourself a Baby Ollie's First Tooth poster yet?

You can never have enough Baby Ollie posters in your bedroom! Check out the ‘Baby Ollie's First Tooth’ poster that’s just become available!
Baby Ollie
We’re back in the North Pole again this week, and little Baby Ollie Pops has been keeping Mama Claus and Santa awake all night. He’s so excited, because he can’t wait for his first tooth to come through! Will this be the night it finally comes through?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

Baby Ollie's First Tooth

‘I hope Ollie Pops sleep’s through tonight, so we can get some sleep,’ said Santa crawling into bed.

‘Oh I hope so,’ said Mama. ‘We can’t go another night without sleep, I’m beginning to get very tired.’

Baby Ollie Pops was just about to experience, having his first little tooth come through, and he was very excited.

‘Do you think it’s going to come through tonight Mama?’ asked Ollie, jumping up and down in his little cot.
‘Well if you go to sleep, real fast Ollie,’ said Mama, ‘it might be there by the morning.’

Mama was really hoping that Ollie would go straight to sleep. Little Ollie wasn’t having any of it, he was wide awake and waiting for his little tooth to come through.

‘But Mama,’ said Ollie. ‘If my little tooth comes through in the middle of the night and I am asleep, then I will miss it!’

‘Whats all the noise and excitement in here?’ asked Santa, as he entered Ollie’s nursery.

Ollie started to jump up and down with excitement again and told Santa, that his baby tooth was about to come through.

‘Has my baby tooth come through yet?’ asked Ollie, as he held his mouth wide open to Santa.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa. ‘All I can see, is a little mouth full of pink gums.’

‘Do you know Santa, when I get my first tooth through,’ said Ollie, ‘I will be all grown up. I will be big and strong just like you.’

Santa laughed to himself and agreed with Ollie.

‘So shall we all settle down now?’ asked Mama. ‘I have put your little night light on Ollie, so you will see all the stars twinkling around your room.’

‘Okay if we must,’ said Ollie as he started to get sleepy, sucking his tiny thumb.

‘Snuggle up with your little blankie and we will see you in the morning,’ said Mama. ‘Good night Ollie Pops.’
Mama Claus Image 01
As Ollie started to fall asleep, Santa and Mama crept very quietly out of Ollie’s nursery.

‘At least we are going to get some sleep tonight,’ said Mama. ‘Ollie has fallen straight to sleep.’

‘Let’s hope his little tooth is through by the morning,’ said Santa. ‘He will be very happy’.

‘Ollie’s little night light is very bright tonight,’ said Mama. ‘Shall we go and turn the brightness down, just incase it wakes him up?’

As they both entered Ollie’s nursery, looking down on Ollie, was the most beautiful pink fairy surrounded in the brightest light.

‘Look Santa,’ said Mama. ‘She is holding a tiny white tooth.’

With the softest of touch, the beautiful fairy placed the tiny tooth into Ollie’s little mouth, sprinkling him with a pinch of fairydust, to keep him safe. As the fairy blew Ollie a kiss, she disappeared into the swirl of the bright light.

‘Mama! Santa!’ shouted a tiny voice from under the blankie. ‘My tooth is through! My tooth is through!’ shouted an excited Ollie. ‘Look in my mouth Santa, I can feel my baby tooth!’ he said with his little mouth open wide.
Baby Ollie Image 01
‘This is going to be a long night Santa,’ said Mama, but as they turned around, Ollie had fallen straight back to sleep.

‘At least he has got his little tooth through now and has seen it,’ said Santa.

Santa and Mama went straight off to sleep, knowing that little Ollie was the happiest baby ever.
The End Image
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Ollie the Elf has a very big job this Christmas. He’s been left to wrap all the presents for everyone! He needs to get every present wrapped in time for Santa to deliver them. He’s built a fancy new slingshot to help him wrap them quicker, but he needs your help to use it. Can you help Ollie to fire the toys into the right boxes and get all the presents wrapped up?

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by Janet Clements on August 5th, 2016

Title Image Emilie

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Poor Ollie has lost his best friend Emilie, he can’t find her anywhere. What Ollie doesn’t know is that Emilie and Mama are out shopping for a sparkly pink dress to wear for a big surprise party they are planning for Ollie!

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

​Baby Emilie’s Little Pink Dress

‘Emilie, Emilie,’ called Ollie Pops, as he crawled around the workshop looking for baby Emilie.

‘Has anyone seen Emilie?’ asked Ollie, as he tugged at Santa’s trousers.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ laughed Santa. ‘Have you lost your friend? I’m sure she can’t be far.’

Ollie loved Emilie and they would always crawl around together, getting up to mischief throughout the day.

‘I give up,’ said a disheartened Ollie as he sat on the floor in his baby suit. ‘It’s no fun without Emilie.’
Image 01 Ollie
‘I’m sure she will turn up very soon,’ said Santa. ‘Why don’t you come up here and help me make all these fun toys?’

Santa hadn’t let onto Ollie, but he secretly knew where Emilie was. Mama had taken Baby Emilie shopping. They had gone to buy a beautiful pink dress to surprise everyone for the special party night that was coming up.

‘There you are,’ said Ollie Pops bouncing up and down with excitement, as Mama and Emilie came through the door. ‘Where have you been?’

‘It’s a secret,’ said Emilie giggling in her little pushchair. ‘I will tell you real soon Ollie.’

Emilie climbed out of her pushchair and crawled over to give Ollie Pops a big kiss.

‘Did you manage to get her little pink dress for the party, Mama?' whispered Santa.

‘Yes I did,’ whispered Mama. ‘She looks like a little princess.’
Image 02 Emilie Mama
Ollie had no idea that everyone was arranging a party for him, for being such a good little elf.

‘When is the party Mama?’ whispered Emilie, so Ollie couldn’t hear.

‘It is on Saturday night,’ whispered Mama. ‘I can’t wait for everyone to see your new pink dress.’
Saturday morning arrived and everyone was very excited, getting everything ready for the surprise party. Everyone had been very busy all day, blowing up balloons and baking cakes for Ollie’s big surprise.

‘Here he comes, here he comes!’ said Emilie, peeking through the kitchen doors.

As Ollie wiggled and crawled through the big doors, he was greeted by a twinkling of sparkly diamonds from Emilie’s dress.

‘Oh Emilie!’ gasped Ollie.  ‘You look so pretty in your sparkly dress. There’s sparkles everywhere!’

Ollie loved his surprise party and everyone had the most exciting time.
Image 03 Ollie
As bedtime drew near, holding his little milk bottle as a microphone, he crawled up onto the table to make a special speech.

‘Thank you Santa, Mama, Rudolph and Snowy for giving me such an exciting party. You have all made me feel so special, it has been so much fun.’

As Ollie turned around to sparkly Emilie, he blew her a beautiful baby kiss.

‘My biggest thank you goes to my best friend Emilie, who looked like a beautiful princess in her new dress.
The End
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