The Sled Race on Candy Cane Mountain

The night was Christmas Eve. Everyone was getting very excited for their special night up on Candy Cane Mountain.

‘We must wrap up very warm,’ said Mama Claus. ‘I think it’s going to be very cold tonight!’

‘Do you think I have enough warm clothes on?’ asked Ollie.

​‘Oh Ollie, you are so funny,’ said Emilie laughing. ‘You have so many clothes on, we can just about see you!’
Snuggly Night Image
Snuggly Night Image

Snuggly Night

Ollie and Emilie had been working very hard, as Christmas was approaching very fast.

‘Emilie, Emilie!’ shouted an excited Ollie, across Santa’s workshop floor. ‘Tonight’s the night Emilie, it’s Snuggly Night!’

Every Friday night, Ollie and Emilie finished a busy day with Santa in the workshop. They would then tidy up all the mess they had made throughout the day, and put everything away neatly. This way they knew, where everything was, for work the next day…

The Magical Christmas Pot

Everyone was very busy in Santa’s workshop. They were making sure that all the toys were going to be ready on time, for all the special children, over the world.

Christmas was also a very cold time in the North Pole, with lots of heavy snow settling and sparkling on all the trees. The sparkling snow made it a very magical place.

‘Come on Santa, Mama and Emilie!’ shouted Ollie from across the workshop floor. ‘It’s time to go and find our Magical Christmas Tree!’
The Magical Christmas Pot Image
When You Wish Upon a Star Image

When You Wish Upon a Star

Santa's workshop was in the most magical place in all of the world. It was in the North Pole, where Santa Claus, Mama Claus, Ollie, Emilie, Rudolph and Snowy the Snowman all lived.

They were the happiest little family ever. After all, who wouldn’t be happy living with Santa, who was the kindest person in the whole world.

‘Come on, come on!’ shouted Ollie very excitedly. ‘It’s dark outside. Look up and you can see all the twinkly stars in the sky! Look how they sparkle, Emilie.’
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