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Ollie and Emilie had been working very hard, as Christmas was approaching very fast.

‘Emilie, Emilie!’ shouted an excited Ollie, across Santa’s workshop floor. ‘Tonight’s the night Emilie, it’s Snuggly Night!’

Every Friday night, Ollie and Emilie finished a busy day with Santa in the workshop. They would then tidy up all the mess they had made throughout the day, and put everything away neatly. This way they knew, where everything was, for work the next day…
‘Hooray, hooray!’ shouted Ollie and Emilie. ‘Our Snuggly Night begins!’ Ollie and Emilie were so excited.

‘Let’s get over to the Bakery,’ said Ollie. ‘I’ll race you there Emilie!’  

Every Friday night, they would run over to Mama Claus Bakery. Then they’d pick up all the delicious candies and cookies of their choice. Ollie’s favourite was the Chunky Choc Cookies. He loved them! In fact, Ollie loved everything. Emilie’s favourite was the Swirly Sugar Mountains and what a mess she made of them. Santa Claus liked his Goopy Droopy Cookies and Mama Claus liked her Spongy Sugar Slices.
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​‘Come on!’ said Ollie to Emilie so excitedly. ‘Let’s get home as fast as we can!’
Snuggly Night was a very special night for Santa, Mama, Ollie and Emilie. They all got to have the most magical night together. They all snuggled under soft warm blankets, watching their favourite movies. They would eat as many cookies and candies out of Mama Claus’ Bakery as they could. It was such an exciting and fun night for them all.

Ollie and Emilie reached their little elves’ home. They ran around collecting all their soft snuggly blankets, so they could lay them down.
‘What film shall we watch?’ asked Emilie.

‘I don’t mind,’ said Ollie. ‘You can choose tonight's film.’

Ollie was always so kind to Emilie.

‘You’re the sweetest Elf ever,’ said Emilie. ‘Always thinking of me and being so kind, thank you Ollie.’

Emilie gave Ollie a little kiss on his cheek.
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‘I bet they’ve got caught up, making special orders for all the children,’ said Emilie. ‘Shall we start without them?’

‘Okay,’ said Ollie. ‘I know they won’t mind, as it’s such a busy time of year for them. It means we can have more candies and cookies for ourselves,’ Ollie said with a big grin on his face.

Santa Claus and Mama Claus are like Mummy’s and Daddy’s. Sometimes they get so busy that they can’t always play and have fun with us, although they would very much love to. They are too busy trying to make everything perfect for us little people. Especially you…
Emilie chose her film and they snuggled under the warm blankets with all their sweets piled up in front of them. As they laid back and looked up to the Magical Glass Roof, they could see all the twinkling stars shining bright.

There was the brightest star though, which was the one sitting on the Magical Christmas Tree from Santa’s Workshop. Ollie and Emilie knew that if they made a wish on this beautiful star, all their dreams would come true. So, they both closed their eyes and made their special wish.

‘Where are Santa and Mama Claus?’ asked Ollie. ‘They’re very late.’
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