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Everyone was very busy in Santa’s workshop. They were making sure that all the toys were going to be ready on time, for all the special children, over the world.

Christmas was also a very cold time in the North Pole, with lots of heavy snow settling and sparkling on all the trees. The sparkling snow made it a very magical place.

‘Come on Santa, Mama and Emilie!’ shouted Ollie from across the workshop floor. ‘It’s time to go and find our Magical Christmas Tree!’
Every year, two weeks before Christmas, Santa’s workshop would have the biggest Christmas tree you would ever see.

‘Are we going to use our Magical Christmas Pot this year?’ asked Emilie.

‘Yes, of course we are,’ answered Ollie. ‘Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our Magical Christmas Pot. We must go and find it.’

​‘I think it’s in the stables, with Rudolph the Reindeer,’ said Ollie. ‘Do you think Rudolph would like to come and choose our Christmas Tree with us? Let's go and ask him.’
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​Choosing the Christmas tree was a very special time for everyone. So Santa, Mama, Emilie and Ollie stopped work, and went off to find Rudolph, to see if he wanted to come.

‘Would you like to come with us Rudolph, to find our Magical Christmas Tree?’ asked Santa. ‘It wouldn’t be the same without you, if you didn't come.’
Rudolph was so excited, he jumped over his stable door and skidded into the snow outside.

‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ laughed Santa. ‘You're covered all in snow Rudolph, all we can see is your antlers poking out of the snow!’
​They all wrapped up very warm, especially Ollie and Emilie who were wrapped up in their lovely Snuggly Night blankets.  

They all set off on foot, up the magical, snowy path. They would never get lost coming home, because all their footprints would light up, making a glowing path for them to follow home.

‘That one, that one!’ shouted Ollie with excitement, pointing at the smallest Christmas tree.
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​​Santa pulled the tree out of the snow, threw it over his shoulder and off they went home.

‘Slow down!’ said Santa as Ollie and Emilie ran past. They were so excited about getting home, and getting the Magical Pot over to the workshop.

‘Can I plant it?’ asked an excited Ollie when they all arrived home.

​Ollie parted all the magical soil in the Christmas Pot and in went the tree. It was decorated in the most beautiful Christmas decorations, and placed in the middle of the workshop for everyone to see.
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The Magical Pot had worked its magic, and in no time the Christmas tree had begun to grow and grow.

‘I know what happened!’ shouted Rudolph from the ceiling. ‘As the Christmas tree was growing, it caught my antlers.’ With that, he wiggled his antlers free, and floated back down to where Ollie was watching.
‘Oh Rudolph,’ said Ollie. ‘You must know now, how our magical pot works.’
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‘But Ollie,’ said Rudolph looking a bit puzzled. ‘That’s too small, we need the biggest Christmas tree of all.’

‘Oh Rudolph’, said Ollie. ‘You’re funny, of course we don’t. We have our Magical Christmas Pot!’

Rudolph was still looking puzzled and couldn’t work it out.

‘This is a perfect tree,’ said Santa. ‘Just perfect.’ 
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‘But Ollie, it’s still too small,’ said Rudolph. ‘It’s so small, it’s even smaller than you!’

All of a sudden, Rudolph was whisked off his feet, and was flying high above the workshop.

 ‘What’s happening, how can I be flying?’ shouted a loud Rudolph, echoing all around the workshop. ‘I haven’t even used my three magical stomps for flying!’
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​‘We choose the smallest christmas tree,’ said Ollie. ‘Plant it in our Magical Christmas Pot, and watch it grow. It goes so high into the sky, it sprouts out of our chimney top. On the way it collects all the twinkling stars, and the biggest star you will always see, is the one sitting right at the top of our Christmas tree. You have to remember though, Rudolph, to always make your special wish upon the star, because when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.’

​‘There’s one other thing to always remember Rudolph,’ said Ollie. ‘Everything is magical, and if you really and truly believe, magic will always happen. You Just have to believe!’

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