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Santa's workshop was in the most magical place in all of the world. It was in the North Pole, where Santa Claus, Mama Claus, Ollie, Emilie, Rudolph and Snowy the Snowman all lived.

They were the happiest little family ever. After all, who wouldn’t be happy living with Santa, who was the kindest person in the whole world.

‘Come on, come on!’ shouted Ollie very excitedly. ‘It’s dark outside. Look up and you can see all the twinkly stars in the sky! Look how they sparkle, Emilie.’
​‘Okay Ollie,’ said Emilie,’ Let’s get our gloves and scarves on real quick, and I’ll race you to door!’

It was snowing outside and very cold, so Ollie and Emilie had to wrap up very warm.

‘Oh my goodness,’ said Ollie as he opened the two big, magical, wooden doors of the workshop.
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​Without Ollie and Emilie knowing, Santa had brought his famous sleigh around, and decorated it in the most beautiful, twinkly fairy lights. Rudolph was on his reins, ready to fly them high into the midnight sky.

‘Oh, look Ollie!’ said Emilie. ‘Santa is the kindest person ever! He’s filled our sleigh with candies and cookies. Look at all the soft blankets for us to snuggle under too! They are our soft Snuggly Night blankets. This is going to be the best night ever.’

Ollie and Emily snuggled under the blankets, held hands and wished for Rudolph to take them high up into the diamond sky.
​‘Okay, we’re ready Rudolph,’ said Ollie. ‘Do your magical stomp and let’s fly away.’

Rudolph had a secret magic trick, known only to Ollie and Emilie. Every time he stomped his right hoof three times, the sleigh would take off, leaving a trail of sparkling snowflakes, falling onto the workshop. These were no ordinary snowflakes, as everyone that fell turned into a brand new toy, for all the boys and girls.     
‘Look! Look at all the beautiful stars,’ said Emilie. ‘They are twinkling so bright.’
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‘Can we touch it?’ asked Emilie.

‘I’m not sure...’ said Ollie. ‘Why don’t we just close our eyes, make a wish and maybe all our dreams will come true.’

‘That sounds just perfect,’ said Emilie.

So they held hands, closed their eyes and made the biggest wish ever.

​So every time Ollie and Emily look up into the midnight sky, they hold hands, close their eyes, and make a wish on the brightest star of all. They know that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.
‘They are beautiful,’ said Ollie. ‘Look over there, it looks like a diamond in the sky.’

It was the brightest star you could ever see, and it was sitting right on the top of the Christmas tree that had grown so high out of the Magical Christmas Pot.

‘Over there, over there,’ said Ollie to Rudolph, pointing to the brightest star in the sky.

The star was so special, twinkling like nothing they had ever seen before.
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