Catch Clucky as quickly as you can before time runs out!

Watch closely, he’ll pop out behind a bale of hay, and that’s your chance to catch him!


Tilt your Dog Bowl back and forth to catch bones for Sparky!

Bones are falling from the sky, and it’s your job to catch as many as you can!


Ready! Aim! Fire! 

Send eggs soaring through the air, ready to smash through their targets!

See how many eggs you can crack before you run out of them!


Follow the footsteps all the way until you find Nibbles!

Don’t get him confused with the other Animals on the farm!


There’s lots of Animals on this farm, and they all want to play with you!

You can play every game with any of the animals, they all know the rules.

Get ready to play with Clucky, Sparky, Nibbles, Piggles & More!
Sep 13, 2016
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