Skull Toss places you in the middle of a cursed forest, surrounded by haunted, evil spirit trees, ready to attack you at a moments notice.

All you’ve been left with is a pack of ammo, with 30 skulls, and your mission is to hit as many evil targets as you possibly can.

It requires patience, a keen eye, and a steady hand. Don’t let yourself run out of ammo.


Catch Spyro takes place in the middle of an abandoned graveyard, where the undead are known to roam the night.

Keep watch on the tombstones, because Spyro is coming tonight, and it’s your job to catch him.


Zelda’s Potions begins with a cauldron and a big bunch of apples. Zelda needs help crafting her magical potions, and she’s put a spell on you to do her bidding.

It’s your job to move the cauldron and make sure you catch all the ingredients she needs to make them. Don’t miss any, she’s been known to turn people into frogs.


Find Frank sets you on a path to find the town’s resident zombie, Frank. He’s gone missing, yet again, and no one can find him anywhere.

You need to follow the trail of teeth he’s left, and it should lead you to his whereabouts.

Make sure you don’t take the wrong path, or you’ll never find him!
Sep 13, 2016
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