iAnimator Lite

  • Name: iAnimator Lite
  • Price: Free!
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release: 11-6-2010
  • Platform: iPhone/iPad

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iAnimator Lite allows you to create your own animations based on photos you have taken on the iphone camera or photos/images you have loaded onto your iphone, itouch or ipad from itunes.

Amaze and amuse your friends and family by selecting up to twenty images to create an animation. Take multiple photos in sequence then load them into the iAnimator Lite in the order you require.

You can them adjust the speed and frequency of the animation with the slider bar and the loop counter. You also have the ability to copy and paste images. Once you have setup your animation you can select play to view your animation.

Have fun!

(The Lite version does not allow you to save your created animation).

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