Ollie the Elf Image 01
Well, a very big hello, to all you special little people.

I would like to introduce myself, if I may.

I’m a little elf, called Ollie, who lives in the North Pole. I’m very cute... well that’s what people tell me.

I am sitting here writing to you, wrapped up in my warm snuggly dressing gown and fluffy bed socks. Everything is so magical up here in the North Pole.
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Everyday, I play, and work alongside my best friends. Santa and Mama Claus, Emilie the Elf, Rudolph and Snowy the Snowman.

Mama and Santa Claus, do a really good job, of teaching me to grow up, like a good little elf.

They make sure I say, my please and thank you’s, tidy up, clean my teeth... the list goes on.
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Santa and Mama have taught me one very special lesson. They have taught me, how to always say my please and thank you’s at the right moment, and to always be nice and kind to everyone.

Maybe I can teach you, how to say your please and thank you’s, and be nice and kind just like me. After all, everyone loves Ollie.        

So if you're all sitting comfortably, like I am here all snugged up, I shall begin...

It was a very snowy day up in the North Pole. Everyone was very busy, making all the beautiful toys for Christmas.


‘Oh Ollie,’ asked Santa Claus. ‘Would you please be kind enough and help with my magic trick, by tugging on my beard three times?’

Every year Santa Claus would do his magic trick. He would tug on his beard three times. One, two, three, and children's names from all over the world, would appear on the longest piece of paper ever. He would keep pulling and pulling until the paper covered Santa’s workshop.

Ollie the Elf Image 04
‘Oh Santa, you are so clever and always so polite,’ said Ollie. ‘Whenever you ask me something, you always say please. That makes you a very special Santa.’

‘Oh Ollie, you too are very polite,’ said Santa. ‘Whenever you ask me to do something, you will always say please, and when I give you something, you will always say thank you. That makes you a very special little elf.’

‘You and Mama Claus, have taught us to say our please and thank you’s very well,’ said Ollie. ‘You should be very proud of yourself Santa,’ said Ollie laughing. Ollie always had a cheeky smile on his face.
Santa Claus Image 01

‘Here you are Ollie,’ said Santa. ‘Here’s a treat! It’s your favourite chocolate candies, for being such a good and polite little elf.’

‘Oh Santa, thank you so much, you are so kind,’ said Ollie munching away on all the delicious chocolate. ‘I must save some for Emilie the Elf. She is my best friend, and I always share everything with Emilie.’

Emilie and Ollie were the best of friends. They would always share everything with each other.
Ollie the Elf Image 05
‘There you are Emilie!’ said Ollie. ‘I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Santa gave me some of my favourite chocolate candies for being such a good and polite elf. You can have half Emilie, as you are my best friend.’

‘Oh Ollie, you are the nicest elf. You’re always so kind, and are always sharing your things with others. Thank you so much Ollie, you always make me feel very special.’

Ollie loved being kind, it always made him feel very special. Mama Claus had taught him that when you're kind to others, it can make you feel very good about yourself too.
Ollie the Elf Image 06

Well, I have to go now as I’m very tired, and I need to snuggle into my warm bed for my bedtime story.

Don’t forget to say all your please and thank you’s.

Night night everyone. Sweet dreams.

Lots of love,
Love Ollie x