Play Mode gives you the chance to play your own levels, as well as explore all the hidden depths of the levels you download from online.

Get ready to spend hours travelling through uncharted hills, tunnelling through the frozen peaks and pioneering the untouched black vortexes of the Universe! 

Oh, and don't forget to take pictures along the way, with the Snapshot Feature, so you can document your wild adventures!


Create Mode provides a vast, in-depth area, that allows you to simply and easily craft complex levels. You can spend 5 minutes building a challenging level, or endless hours hand-crafting the most breath-taking, heart-stopping and jaw-dropping level you can possibly imagine!

We've provided you with 3 fully designed Demo Levels - 1 in Hilly, 1 in Snowy and 1 in Space. They will show you a lot of the ideas that are available in Ping Me, but there's more to be created! You can use these as templates to help you get started, or you can start from scratch on your own - If you think you've got the skills!


Online Mode is your chance to get involved with the Ping Me Community! Upload your own levels, so the whole world can enjoy your creative genius! To download, you can search the levels through a few different options: Top Charts, Newest Levels, Themes, or Search. 

This is your chance to see if you could make it in the level designing business. You'll earn coins for every level you upload and also every time someone downloads your level! So make sure you build the best levels possible, so you can reach #1 on the Top Charts list!


When creating your mind-bending, awesome levels, you'll get the choice of which theme to build them in. 

You can choose between, Hilly, Snowy or Space. Each of the different themes provides different objects to work with, so there will always be something new to make! 

Try out each theme and discover the gems within them!


You'll have the option to create your levels with hundreds of different Objects. You'll get to choose from things such as: Boulders, Bridges, Platforms, Enemies, Finish Lines, Checkpoints and loads more! 

Some of the Objects have different Physics attached to them as well. So, you'll be able to do things such as: 

* Making boulders roll down hills and smash into loads of crates!
* Construct walls of planks, stronger than earth itself, that can't be broken!
* Rotate crumbling platforms, which dangle above deadly spikes and traps!
* Create beautiful greenery to rival the Gardens of Babylon!


We've included Tooltips in the Create Mode for you guys, to help you navigate to begin with.

If you need any help, just turn on Tooltips (by pressing the Tooltip Tool) and then press any Category, Object or Tool and a Tooltip will be displayed explaining to you, what it does.

You can turn tooltips off again, just by pressing the Tooltip Tool.

You can find a list of the Tooltips here.


Record Your Levels!
You can now show the world your skills, as you navigate the perils of the unknown. Show them how you take on the biggest and baddest Enemies, how you just narrowly escape the deadly traps designed to kill you, and how quick you can conquer any level! 

Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email and through Ping Me!

There’s even a video playback area, so you can see everyone’s else video’s!

You can find more Ping Me video’s at -
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