Set in the deep snow of the North Pole, Santa has decided to play one of his favourite games with us! 
He’s seen 5 giant snowballs, the size of boulders and he think it’ll be perfect for a game of Catch Santa!

He’s pretty tricky to catch when he’s hidden behind the giant snowballs, so keep your eye out!
He’ll play this game all day, so you better be ready to catch him as quick as you can!


Have you seen all the snow laying around out here? And have you seen those strange targets that keep popping out from behind those trees over there?

It’s about time we out those targets and this snow to good use! You all the snowballs we’ve made for you and see how many of the targets you can hit! See if you can beat Santa’s score!


It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s out in his sleigh delivering presents that the Elves have built this year!

He’s got so many to deliver though, so he needs your help to make this a magical Christmas for everyone! Can you deliver the right presents into the right chimney’s? Make sure you match the colours up, otherwise they won’t go down! 


Santa has a very long journey coming up on Christmas Eve. He’s got to set out and deliver all the presents to the good boys and girls around the world!

So the Elves have decided that we all need to help him, and collect lots of cookies for him, so he won’t get hungry on his journey. You can’t fly around the world on an empty stomach! 


Santa’s gone missing! The Elves went into to wake him up this morning, just like they always do, with hot chocolate and some cookies, but he wasn’t there!

Ollie the Elf has spotted some footprints leading somewhere else though. Do you think you can follow the footprints and find where Santa has gotten to? We need you to! To save Christmas!


It’s time to get matching! You’ve got 20 possible combinations, can you find all of them? Somewhere in there, there’s a snowman hiding, a fireplace burning, and some candy canes just waiting to be eaten!

See if you’ve got the skills to match all the boards with each other and prove just how good you really are!


​Ollie the Elf has a very big job this Christmas. He’s been left to wrap all the presents for everyone! He needs to get every present wrapped in time for Santa to deliver them.

He’s built a fancy new slingshot to help him wrap them quicker, but he needs your help to use it. Can you help Ollie to fire the toys into the right boxes and get all the present wrapped up?


Rudolph is still learning to fly. He’s only young, so he’s not the most experienced flyer we have yet, at the North Pole. He’s going to do some practising, but he wants you to help him learn.

You’ll need to guide him through all the obstacles and makes sure he gets passed everything to get better! Think you can help him learn how to fly?
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