This is a very Special Advent Calendar this year.

Santa has spent countless hours, packing it full of wonderful surprises!
Keep coming back each day to see a new present open, and enjoy Santa’s gift for the day!

Make sure you check back on Christmas Day, there might be an Extra Special Surprise from Santa!


Want to build a snowman, even when there’s no snow? 

Build him here! Give him a body, and a head, give him a nose, and don’t forget his arms! 

Then add some buttons, and make sure you remember the hat and scarf! We don’t want him getting too cold out there!

You could even build a family of snowmen, so he doesn’t get lonely over Christmas!


Who doesn’t love decorating their Christmas Tree? We certainly do! 

Now you can decorate your tree as much as you want. You get choose all your own baubles, bells, and even candy canes!

And for the finishing touch, you can also add the twinkling star to the top!
On Christmas Eve, make sure you remember to put all the presents underneath your Christmas tree!


Have you ever wondered what Santa’s House looks like in the North Pole?

Well, he’s decided to re-decorate, and he wants your help to choose all of the designs!

He needs someone to help put up all the lights, hang all the stockings, and lay down the doormat!

It might also be a nice surprise, if you left a little present outside for Santa this time!


Ollie needs your help getting dressed this morning!

He can’t decide what to wear. He’s not sure what colour looks best on him, and he wants you to choose!

He’ll need a Jacket, a Hat to keep his head warm, and some boots so his feet don’t get cold!

You also need to give him either a Candy Cane or Lollipop - Elves get hungry too you know!


It’s time to do some colouring! 

You can choose different colours from the Christmas Colouring Palette.
Colour in some drawings of Baubles, Stockings and even beautiful Snowflakes!

You can also help Santa to colour in pictures of his friends, like Rudolph, Ollie the Elf and Frosty the Snowman!


Are you getting excited for Christmas?

Have you been counting down the days and marking them off on your calendar?

How many sleeps do you have left before Christmas Day?

Have a look at Sleeps until Christmas Countdown to see how many days you have left to wait!


Are you staying up late to wait for Santa this year?

Keep track of him, while he travels around the whole world! 

You can see which country he’s in and if he’s close to your house!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled though, his sleigh moves really quickly!
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